Hello and welcome to my website. I have made this site so that I can upload pictures that I take and pictures that I edit/make using Photoshop. This website also has a Blog page so that I can keep people updated on the things that I do and any updates that I make to the site etc. The Blog will also have a comment function so that you can interact and it will include your name and will also ask for your email but that won’t be shown.


My name is Reece and I am an English 17 year old male. I live in Wales which is a country in the UK but I previously also lived in England. I live with my mum, dad, brothers and sister. We also have quite a few pets; 4 dogs and 4 cats. I have quite a few interests which are Photography, Photoshop, Gaming, Technology, Cooking and many others. I currently go to college which gives me the ability to go to places that I have never been or heard of before and we do lots of other activities there too.


Here is where I will upload any pictures that I like and feature them on the home page. More pictures will be added as I take more pictures and I will try my best to keep it updated for those of you that like to look at the pictures that I take. I do also have a Gallery section which has all of the other pictures that I have uploaded in so you can also check that out if you wish.